a sad day in bmx

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5/18/2011 4:48 AM

i was riding my towns park last night and a new kid that must have been around 13 showed up with a brand new bike. This kid had never ridden before and had no idea what he was doing, but that's not the problem though.

This kid had explained to me how he saved his money over winter to buy this bike just so he could try riding in the parks. He bought his bike from Canadian Tire and it was obvious he had no real guidance from an experienced individual.

After hanging out at the park for about 15 minutes some other kids showed up and began to make fun of this guy for buying a Canadian Tire bike. This kid was really hurt, no matter what he tried to say or do these other kids would just bully him down. In the end this kid just left the park and never even got to try any of the ramps.

I rode up with him and just got an idea of who he was and i can say this poor kid was really hurt by the bullying he just received. The end result was i gave him my cell number and hes gonna call me when ever he goes out so we can hook up and ride together.

I just hope some other guys on here read this and understand that everyone starts out somewhere in a sport, bullying and victimizing an individual just because there new at something is not cool. every single person on this forum started out just like this kid.

Just thought some people might appreciate this.



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5/18/2011 4:52 AM

You are what is good in BMX. Its people like you that I appreciate meeting and making friends with.


5/18/2011 4:53 AM

i feel u man...it was just like that for me when i started skating
(i had a board from wal mart)


5/18/2011 4:54 AM

Its not always about how good of a rider you are or how good your bike is. some(Correction Most) kids have over-inflated egos.


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5/18/2011 4:55 AM

Thank you.

its really all i can say to this, most of the people i know has started out on a department store bike at one point, i think its awesome you talked to the kid and gave him your number that gets alot of respect points from me.


5/18/2011 4:56 AM

ChrisWilmshurst wrote:

You are what is good in BMX. Its people like you that I appreciate meeting and making friends with.



5/18/2011 5:39 AM

canadian tire must be like walmart? but anyways i started on a shitty bike at the park, and only one kid, who was the best rider there, would chill with me.



5/18/2011 6:09 AM

You have just earned a lot of respect from me dude. thank you so much for not being a dick like everyone else, we need more riders like you around


5/18/2011 7:47 AM

dont know if you got the news flash brah but bmx is for kids who wanna be radical between soccer and basketball practice and be the best at what they do and talk shit on anyone they dont know even they've only been around a minute.

on the real though, i hate seeing that non sense if ya see that shit again embarass the hardassses, call their shit in front of everyone, they will shut up and go to the other side of the park and not pull that shit anymore or atleast when you arent around.


5/18/2011 8:09 AM

you sick man, this is what i wish everyone was like (i mean every single person, not jus every rider). Its hard when youre new, i used to get hollered at by kids cuz i used to ride a shitty mongoose but once the good riders called em out about how long they had been riding and shit they never said anything. Make sure next time youre their you call those kids out on their shit, and they'll prolly leave him alone.

+10 respect hahaha




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5/18/2011 8:10 AM

if he livedd in my town i would ride with him, nd fuck the douche bags who made fun of him. i hate that shit


5/18/2011 8:24 AM

I hate people like that. Makes me angry

Alot of respect to you though


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5/18/2011 9:14 AM

Very nice of you to do that, bmx needs more people like you.


5/18/2011 9:22 AM

this is why i ride alone haha, theres very few kids who are actually your friends, most of them just expect hookups and tlk crap wen u dnt give them the deals they want.


5/18/2011 9:24 AM

bmx is just turning into a bunch of ridiculous immature kids. glad you could help that kid. respect.


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5/18/2011 9:47 AM
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This has happend to so many kids in my city including me and i wish that there were more people like you out there


Just ride and stop being a DICK to the new kids

5/18/2011 9:53 AM

in peru is the exact opposite, when a newbie comes to the park, everybody starts to talk to him and teach him basic stuff, but if he is an asshole we just ignore him


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5/18/2011 11:31 AM

i understand, thers a kid in my nahborhood who has a mongoose butt none the less he CAN JUMP ,no tricks but he huallss ass and hucks stuff he deserves a nice bike i see to manny fags on really nice bikes and they cant do a three foot gap ,or the simplest stuff like footjam to fakie it makes me so pissed off . and btw its not a dick move thes kides have hade ther bikes half a YEAR, and still cant foot jam of anything , i mean the SIMPLEST STUFF GRR IT MAKES ME ERITATED


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5/18/2011 11:49 AM

+ bro respect


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5/18/2011 11:55 AM

respect for u bro! everyones been at that point in their life. my friends have been ridin 2 years longer than me and would always taunt me about my bike (next bike) and how i couldnt do anything. now i have a better bike than all of them and im just as good maybe a lil better. ive seen dudes bullying at my local park and i took their boards or bikes and threw them over the fence and told them to leave. im a big guy so they never say anything back lol


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5/18/2011 11:55 AM

i'm glad NC isn't like that.


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5/18/2011 11:56 AM
Edited Date/Time: 5/18/2011 11:59 AM

Well done bro, we need more People like You. Sadly there are many douche bags out there.
My respects.


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5/18/2011 12:49 PM

thebmxerSS wrote:

canadian tire must be like walmart? but anyways i started on a shitty bike at the park, and only one kid, who was the best rider there, would chill with me.

yeah..they also call it crappy tire its mostly for auto/hard ware but they sell bikes and shit as well


5/18/2011 1:21 PM

good man. i wouldve done the exact same thing. were one big family. some people just dont know how too act.


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5/18/2011 1:21 PM

that's deep bro. some kid broke his hyper bike chain so i gave him my 30$ kmc710SL and switched back to a KMC heavy.
felt bad for the kid, he saved up forever to get it then the chain snapped 2 days later, and he was gonna quit because people made fun of him, so i rode with him for a couple days and now he loves bmx again. but, when i was like 12 i always skated at my local park after school before anyone got there, then in summer i was afraid to actually do stuff because i felt weird. so i quit. but luckily that just ended up in me doing bmx.


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5/18/2011 2:13 PM

Lots of respect, bro. Takes balls to stand up for someone like that.


5/18/2011 3:25 PM

nice, I cant stand people who just brag about how good they are and try to act like no one is deserving of them...


5/18/2011 4:22 PM

Thanks. I don't even go to my local anymore, because nearly everybody their is like those kids, the only reason i haven't quit is because of some good friends, with backyard parks.


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5/18/2011 4:23 PM



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5/18/2011 4:30 PM

MAD respect bro, we need more locals like that in corona


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