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6/20/2013 1:39 PM

so my question for you guys today is , will 2.4 hawk tires fit directors and a sunday ian ? i have 2.25 aitkens front and rear currently and i have rode 2.25 glhs front and back i know those are pretty fat tires

you guys think it will work ?


6/20/2013 1:43 PM

I don't know but the Aitkens inflate to like 2.3ish I believe and the hawks inflate to I think around the same width so they should fit fine


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6/20/2013 1:44 PM
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I'm pretty sure they will. I rode a Demolition Momentum 2.35 and those things are pretty huge, and the Hawk was pretty ftat but definitely not even 2.35 I'm positive.


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6/20/2013 1:51 PM

alright sweet , i rode a kids bike with the hawks and they didnt seem that big at all , just wanted to make sure


6/20/2013 3:54 PM

yea i have directors with hawks. they fit.


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6/20/2013 4:21 PM

feeble_to_face wrote:

yea i have directors with hawks. they fit.

sweet man thats what i wanted to hear ! and im sure the tire will fit in the rear , worst comes to worse i can add a half link or something