anybody know where i can get free wood for ramps

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4/20/2013 8:28 AM

Have some awesome ideas floating in my head


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4/20/2013 8:32 AM

craigslist or just go to lumber yards..


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4/20/2013 9:18 AM

from homes thats in building procces


4/20/2013 9:25 AM

Steal it....


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4/20/2013 9:36 AM

I got some wood.

Lol, I had to. Just check trash as places being built, homes that are being built, construction sites etc.


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4/20/2013 12:41 PM

You always find cut offs at a building site that will be chucking away ASK if you can have it cause its tech theft even though there chucking it out


4/20/2013 1:19 PM

Construction sites and craigslist are the best ways


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4/20/2013 1:40 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/20/2013 1:41 PM

Search everything. Behind buildings and dumpster sites, shit like that. Construction sites are def best tho.

I found a big piece of plywood that was painted over for the backdrop of a play or something. It was just shoved between two portables at a nearby school, just laying against the wall rotting away. My bro and I cut it up and built a 6ft grind box with other discarded scrap wood we've gathered. Totally recycled, we didn't spend a dime on supplies.. until I buy a couple angle irons for the coping. Some willy wonka shit was written on it so of course I fucked around with it a little hah.


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4/20/2013 6:45 PM

In shop class i just build ramps and shit out of the leftover wood


4/20/2013 6:57 PM

sunny.noble wrote:

In shop class i just build ramps and shit out of the leftover wood

haha i take sand paper lol


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