anyone with advise

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2/19/2009 9:38 PM

ok im looking at new parts and i want new forks i want to save on weight and have awesome strength i ride alot of park a little trails and some street but mostly park.....

im also looking at some rim walls i wanna get rid of my red walls and go simple like 2 black rims or chrome back and black front want to save weight and have awesome strength

anyone help


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2/20/2009 7:35 AM

As far as forks, anything odyssey,awesome forks.Rims?,again, anthing odyssey.


2/20/2009 7:40 AM

odyssey classic dirt forks
for rims. get a odyssey rim with profile hub.

bot amazing companies


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2/20/2009 7:58 AM

Odyssey Race Forks, unless you have a front brake, in which case get an Odyssey fork with mounts.

As for rims, Alex is a good company, not the lightest, but really strong. Proper has decent rims, and so does Alienation (or so I hear, have not come across any) I hear the Demolition Zero rim is super good too.


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2/20/2009 3:17 PM

i have been very happy with my odyssey classic race forks. they have taken a beating and are holding up great, super light too


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2/20/2009 3:21 PM

myfriend has shivs theyre nice


2/20/2009 3:51 PM

forks:fit shivs, primo strands
or anything odyssey
rims odyssey lol