are the sunday darkwave and streetsweeper frames heat treated?

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9/20/2021 9:18 PM

team3d wrote:

My supercross 4130 heat treated, made by tange… if you look at the raw finish.. the color is completely different than the ...more

hoffdirt1 wrote:

That is a thing of beauty.

Didnt Supercross design their stuff to be stiffer than the competition? They were into seamless ...more

Thank you !

Seamless tubes are still better than welded seam tubes… seamless can handle much higher pressure than welded… as for supercross, their steel frame is very stiff… and it’s extremely light weight… I don’t fully understand their design & technology but I do know enough that this is one of the best 4130 race frame for the price.. it’s same with my fiction creature… on paper, it’s one of the best 4130 frame for the price… and so far, the bike’s been great except I do not like the handlebar’s geometry…

If you can keep the frame weight down to current market’s average using straight gauge tubes? Then there is no need to compromise strength for minimal weight saving for butted tubes.

Stolen should continue to sell this frame but I would suggest full post heat treated the frame and charge more.., $229 msrp is really good deal for what your getting, but I rather pay $299 for fully post heat treated than partial