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2/1/2011 7:43 PM

is their any tips about learning barspins? i have half barspins down perfect. and would a fat seat help?


2/1/2011 7:47 PM

first tip is don't learn half barspins, but since you already fucked that up, you're going to have to work harder to get whole ones.

approach ramp with speed

fly off ramp

clamp legs to keep side to side motion to a minimum

wait for it

wait for it.......

get to the peak of the jump

spin handle bars 360 degrees(not 180)

catch them



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2/1/2011 7:49 PM

Before i got them flat, i got comfertable with taking my catching hand off really far.
Then i got comfertable with hop t-bogs, helps you gt the lean back motion and taking your hand off, and turning bars.
Then i jsut threw and cought.
Lean back.
seat sholdnt make that much of a difference.


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2/1/2011 7:50 PM

lean over your bars, not like your doing a nose manual, but bend so your neck is like inline with your stem

throw with one hand catch with the other.

if your having trouble cathcing, put your catch hand infront of your crossbar when you throw, the bar will come right to your hand no matter what.

if all else fails, do busdrivers. tongue


2/1/2011 7:53 PM

the way i learned them is pinch your cranks with your feet not your seat