bear cage type pedals

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1/29/2017 8:57 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/29/2017 10:40 PM

they look kinda cool but i find them bulky and slow not to mention painful!

the ones that come on the big rippers are sharp AF..i was putting air in my tires and i barely brushed my head against the pedal and scratched my head

i find them slow...IMO bear cages dont have a functional place in semi-aggresive/aggressive riding

i switched them out with alloy platforms on my big ripper and the bike feels so much more nimble



1/29/2017 10:04 PM

great way to fuck up shoes, shins and life lol


1/29/2017 10:26 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/29/2017 10:38 PM

honestly those pedals are dog shit

they bend super easy and spin hella gritty


1/30/2017 9:33 AM

What do you mean by slow? Seems like they would be lighter than regular alloy pedals too. Those don't look bad at all. I'd rock them on a cruiser.


1/30/2017 10:46 AM

Big nope for me I do like my shins very much


1/30/2017 11:23 AM

yeah, we grew up with those. Really only saw them on dirt bikes...and they did bend easy if they slammed into anything. While they are grippy AF, pretty much any more I would only use them in a retro-build situation. Especially since flats with pins are much better now-a-days

does bring back memories of hamburger shins and other tears and cuts though. Reeeeaallly made you not want to f-up and fall


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1/30/2017 12:11 PM

Get some triple traps!


1/30/2017 2:36 PM

i slipped a pedal and it went through my pads on my race pants this was an NBL race in like 97 and it got stuck in my kneecap ended up with a bone infection. i still have a dent/ hole in my kneecap from them


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1/30/2017 2:52 PM

I think they have a good place in a tool shed. They'd be good for gardening.


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1/30/2017 2:58 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/30/2017 2:59 PM

ggallin422 wrote:

What do you mean by slow? Seems like they would be lighter than regular alloy pedals too. Those don't look bad at all. I'd ...more

idk they just feel bulky plus it feels like i can engage a platform much quicker than these where i kinda have to adjust my foot for a split second to make sure my shoe tred is somewhat aligned with the cages...they do look cool on a cruiser and ive always wanted a pair but after riding them for a bit i was over the nostalgia/cool factor..i was disappointed my SE beart rap pedals came scratched right on the SE logo and one of them was bent..the hutch and bulleyes bear traps are pricey as hell ($300!) but these ones that come on the '17 big rippers and i believe the retro loop tail retail aftermarket (w/o the SE logo of course)for like $14.99 lol..these pedals spin like shit i have the non bent SE pedal up on my desk as a display piece...they make a nice display piece for the man cave lol