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7/7/2014 5:27 PM

I fucking hate making "blah blah which product should I buy help me find this" but im at the end of my goddamn wits here, ive got size 12 feet and I am just about done with odyssey twisteds, y'all know what pedals ACTUALLY have a larger platform as opposed to being advertised to have a larger platform? I would just pop into my LBS and look at some in person, but there is no LBS.


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7/7/2014 5:38 PM
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I use These and I have the same size foot.
I dont see how these would be too small.



7/7/2014 5:39 PM

Animal BPE have a noticeably bigger, nice flat platform.


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7/7/2014 5:49 PM

Chrisaustin wrote:

I use These and I have the same size foot.
I dont see how these would be too small.

yeah rode a friends bike with those and it felt pretty good, wanted to see if there were any cheaper options but now that you've brought it to my attention might just go with those


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7/7/2014 6:02 PM

Jcpc have a decent sized platform


7/7/2014 6:02 PM

stolen thermalites have a larger platform. I know your pain man. I have size 12 feet too and regular sized platform pedals dont feel right


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7/7/2014 6:11 PM

Stolen Thermalites, Eclat Plaza's, Cult PCs, and Odyssey Trailmixes are all pretty big.


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7/7/2014 6:12 PM

Éclat Plaza. I have them and they are bigger than all the pedals I had before.


7/7/2014 6:15 PM

Mountain bike pedals. Look for some larger mountain bike pedals.


7/7/2014 6:21 PM

Trailmixes should work fine for you, thats what ive been running for awhile now and they feel good


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7/7/2014 6:23 PM

If you want really big pedals, get Eclat Plazas.


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7/7/2014 6:42 PM

I have stolen thermalite sp and they seem pretty big. Bigger than my twisteds for sure. I always heard jcpc was the biggest though.


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7/7/2014 6:50 PM
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I've got 13s and the best pedals I've ever ridden are the Primo JJ Palmeres. The platform is monsterous and they have longer spindles so you don't raw your cranks


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7/7/2014 9:47 PM

animal BPE's, I've been using them for a while and they've been pretty good. decent grip for plastics, nice big platform. i prefer huge platforms too lol

or odyssey trailmix, fit mac and a few other metal ones are pretty big


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7/7/2014 10:07 PM


BSD Pedals with 30 pins and Reed Starks signature pedal , with his big lanky build and feet you should be good

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7/7/2014 11:12 PM

Weird, I've got UK size 11 feet (which is the equivalent to US12 I believe) and I've never had pedals that felt too small.


7/7/2014 11:33 PM

Stranger pedals


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7/7/2014 11:36 PM


7/8/2014 2:00 AM

My homie has 400$ DJ pedals , Titanium pins and spindle with magnesium body , heat treated everything and fully sealed.

Get those scooter BB insert pedal things LOL You cant pedal though


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7/8/2014 5:56 AM

Trailmixes are good if you want metal.

Plastic jcpc's. Or even the shadow ravenger. All three have a nice wide feeling platform.


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7/8/2014 8:21 AM

stolen thermalite sp pedals are good. if you like metal then get the stolen throttle. ive had my thermalite pedals for over a year now and just finally replaced 3 pins that had got knocked out.


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7/8/2014 9:12 AM

I have size 13 us shoes and run twisteds without issue, BUT pedals are a lot of preference. I would not use shoe size as a reference for it. I would just say "The twisteds I have feel too small, what is bigger"


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7/8/2014 10:32 AM

the new fit mac plastics are supposed to have a much wider platform, as much as i dislike fit.


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7/8/2014 2:04 PM

Ride fit Macs. Big as hell and fantastic grip


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7/8/2014 3:39 PM

the primo jj pedals are supposed to have a noticably bigger platform


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7/8/2014 7:07 PM

Those look like weight weenie overkill for giants!


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7/8/2014 8:40 PM

Jcpc have a nice large body.
i have the tall lanky figue and my feet are size 12 going onto 13 and they feel nice but with other pedal including the stricker pedals it feels like my feet flex around them.
go for jcpc


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7/8/2014 9:43 PM
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I'm a 13 and I ride thermalites


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7/9/2014 8:23 PM

BMX_Forever wrote:

Weird, I've got UK size 11 feet (which is the equivalent to US12 I believe) and I've never had pedals that felt too small.



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7/9/2014 9:17 PM

Merrit p1's are big I'm pretty flat and wide!
Also trail mix.. I have 11 size feet and my twisted don't feel bad..


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