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2/24/2010 6:50 AM

dont have any pics on this computer but here it is

2009 wtp 4 seasons frame

salt female complete front wheeel

poverty cassete back wheel

shadow attack fl stem

odyssey gi pegs

wtp lock stock handlebars

some sprcoket

some halflink chain

subrosa lay back pivitol post and wtp seat

odi longnecks

odyssey barends

eclat surge pcs

shityy 48 spline 2 hip cranks cuz i broke mine and had to borrow from my friend

odyssey cs2 race forks

fbm hub gurd back gsport front


2/24/2010 6:51 AM

i know i have shitty wheels
but accutly the poverty aint bad for 80 bucks


2/24/2010 7:41 AM



Sh-tan-re is awesome