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8/18/2016 9:04 AM

So, been looking for a bmx bike to start riding again, mostly for fitness, fun, and not looking at starting out doing anything crazy. I'm not looking at spending much initially for the bike, and found a decent bike for 200 bucks, but it has a 20.5 top tube. i'm 6 foot tall, 220 pounds, mostly muscle, (like to lift weights) anyone have experience thats around my size and rides something smaller than a 21? Could i get a longer stem? bigger handlebars? etc. Thanks for the input and help, i'm just ready to get back out there and ride!


8/18/2016 9:39 AM

If fitness is your goal, BMX probably isn't the best bike option. The only decent complete you'll get starts from $500-$600, not counting any additional specs and/or parts you want to change. You want to look for 100% ChroMoly frame, fork, and bar. Sealed and interpgrated headset, and sealed hub bearings.


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8/18/2016 10:40 AM

Your going to smoke your knees allot on your stem more than likely


8/18/2016 10:43 AM

Just wear pads while you ride and don't take too many breaks and you'll get a good cardio in. I'm 6' and didn't feel comfortable on a 20.75 but you might, try one out. Definitely stick with full chromoly and sealed everything if you're going to take any sweet jumps.


8/18/2016 12:13 PM

Yeah, I figured i would be hitting the knee, this bike is full chromoly and sealed everything with double wall rims. Just have a question, how is bmx not fitness? I used to ride all the time and was ripped, I guess I made it into fitness going hard all the time. I rode the bike probably three or four times a week, 2 to 3 hours at a time, and was always on the move. I see the riders around here sitting with their thumbs in their ass, talking. so yeah I guess if thats how you ride, it won't be fitness.


8/18/2016 12:29 PM

jmio wrote:

Yeah, I figured i would be hitting the knee, this bike is full chromoly and sealed everything with double wall rims. Just have ...more

Im not saying that, it's clear that BMX has SOME level of fitness. Mostly all sports do. It's just that BMX doesn't offer the most fitness, at least not for everyone. You said you lift. I don't. But I am at my local 5 days a week for 2 hours a day for the last two years. But hey, glad you're riding again.


Scooter kid trying to ride a bike.

8/18/2016 2:13 PM

good deal man, yeah, i always enjoyed riding bmx over any sport I ever participated. Football paid for my education. So I can't complain, now i'm in my 30's and wanting to eaaaaase back into it. not go 100 right away, falling hurts still! lmao


8/18/2016 5:12 PM

I'm 6 feet tall on a 20.75 and sometimes feel a little cramped.

It's a lot of personal preference though-within reason. There are dudes who are taller than me on 20.5s and they love it. There are dudes who are 5'5" running 21s.

As to fitness, it depends HOW you ride. If you nibble on a foot tall ledge, probably not going to get a lot of cardio. If you rip around at full speed for hours on end, gonna dominate cardio.

Either way it would work to do something different for exercise for the muscle confusion.


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8/18/2016 5:43 PM

Yeah. I play football and softball three days a week, also lift weights 4 days a week. So just looking to add in some biking and I really miss Bmx. I went for a ride on my old road bike today. Sooooooo boring.


8/19/2016 7:44 AM

I've been riding for about a month now, I'm 5'9 and ride a 20.5 top tube and have grazed my knee on my stem a few times. Not hard enough to really hurt but hard enough that I noticed. I think it happens when I'm really fatigued and just sloppy on the bike.

I think riding a bmx is a great way to get cardio if you are standing and constantly pedaling. I was riding on two 2.3 tires at 40 psi each so I was pedaling a shit ton and for sure got good cardio in and had my quads burning. I've also noticed the grip strength in my hands has gotten stronger since I've started riding.


8/20/2016 10:01 AM

I grew up riding BMX, and also playing hockey. BMX was a GREAT compliment to what I had to do to stay in shape for hockey. Now, at 47, I find I get decent work on many muscle groups when I ride at the park. Jumping, hopping etc...all of the things that are the fundamentals of crazy trickery, are very aerobic. I was never a gym rat...was always at the rink, so any training I did was what I would call "prison" type training. Using what I had around the house. Had some free weights and dumbells, but that was it. Still play hockey as well.

Ithink any activity can be physically demanding, or not. I play hockey with MANY guys who can barely make a period with out dying...and we have a guy who is 68 on our team, and he smokes all of us. BMX is the same...BUT, to me, BMX is like a "hidden" work out...I am so engrossed in learning and perfecting the tricks that I don't realize that it is all of the sudden 2 -3 hours later and my abs, pecs, arms, legs etc are killing. It is awesome.

I think some here are thinking that you are going to buy a BMX and then do road riding on it...which is also possible. I commute on my BMX in the summer...

either way make sure the bike fits your riding style and wear a helmet!! Ride like a mo-fo


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8/20/2016 10:49 AM

My gym is about 5 miles away. Mostly city riding. I will use it to go there, but other than that I will be at a park, school, factory, with some jumps and rails figuring out how to get some tricks accomplished without killing myself. I did order my bike with a pro Tec helmet. I'm a flight nurse and see head injuries all the time. Not wanting that for me. I'm just happy to get back on a small bike and try to rip some stuff up.