bmx as an underground sport(with more of an explaination)

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12/7/2008 3:18 AM

While I agree with all of you that said we need BMX to be popular to survive. there are somethings that do bother me. I've notice that there are a lot of shitty bikes out there. I wont mention any companies because some of you might be fans of it. I've been wonder how many people would still ride if it wasnt becoming main stream. samething for the pros, who would ride if the money and fame was gone? I'm wondering how many people love the sport for what it is and not for the attention its getting. by underground I meant that if there were less riders would it be a purer sport? I've been wondering some of these things for a long time. I think that as long as you enjoy what bmx offers to you things should be okay... feedback?


12/7/2008 6:46 AM

I started when it was a lot less popular than it is I wouldn't quit. I think a lot of the pros would still ride, we just wouldn't be hearing about who did what etc..


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12/7/2008 9:21 AM

i never started riding because it was cool ..for one of my birthddays i was tired of my bikes breaking and being super heavy so i got my old redline and i came upon it kinda like accidently


12/7/2008 9:59 AM

I ride simply because its fun, being out there on the streets shreddin' and grindin' is the happiest feelin ever.Being able to impress the kids and girls is just an added bonus. And because not many people ride a bmx bike makes it more special to me....


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12/7/2008 10:13 AM

i ride for fun, if it wasn't fun i wouldnt do it.
end of story.


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12/7/2008 10:22 AM

i never rode until my dad got me a bike


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12/7/2008 10:33 AM

i started when i saw my brothers jumping a curb i had no idea wut it real wus

any ways i kinda want bmx to be bigger than sk8ing but a the same time i dont want it to fall into comformaty ya no wut imean


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12/7/2008 12:48 PM

When i rode photos were on film and then printed onto tangible paper. Modern technology has spread light on this sport/hobby/lifestyle.


12/7/2008 1:08 PM

i always had bmx bikes never mountain bikes and i would always be hopin over shit when im ridin n eventually it just grew and became wat i love doin today i couldnt imagine my life if i didnt ride its all i think about ive only been seriously ridin for less then a year but i always been on bikes



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12/7/2008 1:49 PM

I don't know. It sounds like you want it to be 'pure', and by pure, you mean it has to be a lifestyle choice, and one has to be 100% dedicated to it. It looks like you have your own answer--If you enjoy BMX, then go ride.

The nice thing about riding, is that no matter how big it gets, (imagine Fatheads of Mat Hoffman), it's still an individual sport.


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