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11/3/2014 6:20 PM

anyone ever get tendonitis below there knee on there shin?? One time I stood up and I felt something tear.. Dont know why I just started riding this year and over this summer this happened, I'm in the process of going from hop half bars to landing my first hop full bar since i got them on ground really well for months now. but since my knee is messed up i guess im done riding till spring.. Anyone ever get this and have it heal?? It's just a dull ache and it only hurts if i apply pressure on it pretty badly, otherwise i can't tell anything is wrong unless i jump a whole lot on my bike... and since it hasn't heal im assuming its gonna be a while.. any tips appreciated also went to doct just said rest 1 month. if hasn't healed then says to do physical therapy


11/5/2014 5:32 PM

Listen to the doc man


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11/5/2014 7:23 PM

I ride in flipflops


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11/5/2014 9:43 PM

let it heal all the way
woul you rather get to ride now for a week and then not again for 6 months or just wait a month


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11/6/2014 4:48 AM

Ok, I get asking for advice on WHAT to do when hurt to occupy time, but why does every damn kid come on here and ask for medical advice??

We are a bunch of BMXers, we don't have the skills or knowledge to diagnose you through a computer, so my advice is listen to the doctor, take some time off the bike, and let it heal. ALSO start doing knee strengthening exercises after the month is over.

THEN, wear some knee pads and work out to stay ahead of injury.


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