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9/20/2015 3:45 AM

My chain keeps coming loose so much, and i cant tighten it heaps because one side is really tight, then i move my crank half way around and then its kinda loose.
what could this be?
do i need a new chain or is my hub messing up or something?
also my chain is making a really rickety sound.

My bottom bracket is sounding/feeling rickety as well, i took off the bolts but i cant seem to get the crank arms off?
i hit it with a soft hammer to try to get them off but they wont budge even a little.

any help would be great, thanks.


9/20/2015 4:25 AM

Go to a bike shop and ask for help. Best way to find out. But don't go to the first shop you see. Maybe someone you know, so that he doesn't charge you for shit.


Deez nuts

9/20/2015 7:07 AM

The sprocket might be bent or off centered. Take the chain off and spin the crank really fast. Look at the sprocket and if it appears to be moving side-to-side, it is probably bent and you will most likely need a new one. I would still suggest taking it to a shop and getting their opinion on it.

Hope this was helpful.


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