bmx trails in long island

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11/21/2015 2:13 PM

Hi my name is James I'm 19 and I've been involved with bmx since I was about 12 but I've only been really trying to get into it the past year or so I really like riding trails there's a place right by my house that hasn't been used In a while I've been going in there. Every weekend and hitting the two table tops that where still rideable I've been working on the jumps that are in there for about a month. Because this. Summer was to dry and couldn't pack in the Sandy dirt we have. Here. On. This island and I'm getting fed up with all the jerks dumping leaves and crap in there I really wanna make this place nice but I'm only one person and I really think I can progress faster in this sport I could find a better place to ride so I any of you guys in the Suffolk county long island area no any places to ride please let me know I willing to work hand help with up keep and will bring my own. Shovels if I have to but I just want to find a new place to ride. So if you guys know of anything please let me know