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6/28/2012 4:16 PM

so i was at my local park and these guys ad the odyssey small lever and they had this brake cover on it. it was rubber and it didnt cover the whole the thing just the middle. i pulled there brake and it was pretty nice. i ask where the guy got that he said he couldnt remeber. but the thing is that the cover felt great, and i cant find it anywhere i checked, danscomp and albes, i even googled does anyone know where they would see this great brake cover hahah


6/28/2012 4:24 PM

Lizard skins makes one.


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6/28/2012 5:05 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/28/2012 5:06 PM

i use baseball bat tape very comfy and cheap i buy it from big 5 for 3$


6/28/2012 5:55 PM

they are on dans and then u trim it down...


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6/28/2012 6:30 PM

yea^ on dans the lizard skins brake cover $3 this



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6/28/2012 7:23 PM

never felt one of those before


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