brake pads/paint off rim

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1/16/2015 1:36 AM

i have a odyssey hazard light rim in black and have brakes with clear odyssey brake pads. the clear pads arnt supposed to take paint off my rim but after 1 day of riding it has already taken paint of my rim. i really don't want this to happen anymore so what can i do to stop it? Different brake pads?


1/16/2015 4:23 AM

Don't worry about it and just ride


It’s all bmx

1/16/2015 5:19 AM

once you get over the new-ness it won't matter
I kinda like my rim, makes a polished line


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1/16/2015 8:04 AM

I ride gum brake pads, the slim by 4. Hasnt touched the powdercoat on my big ballers after 3 months and I use my brake alot. Soon to have fronties also


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1/16/2015 8:33 AM

I have clear odyssey pads and have almost zero brake wear on my red Demo Zeros.


I also had black rims without issue before the red ones.


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1/17/2015 9:45 PM

That's the thing, you have PAINT, not ANODIZE. And if you were to have HARD anodize, then you'd probably get the least wear out of any kind of brakes.


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