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7/16/2008 2:37 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/14/2016 4:40 PM

i bought a new 2007 Fit AM and the sprocket is put on weird and i cant figure out how to take it off.


7/16/2008 9:35 PM

theres a notch on the crank arm and the chainwheel bolt hole goes on there it seems a bit smaller than the hole and you might end up with the same problem i have. problem with my fit am is my sprocket moves back and forth on that notch. I took my cranks apart to see if my chainwheel was bent (it is bent) put it back togethor now it moves around. bike is still rideable but its annoying


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7/16/2008 9:40 PM

i believe I already told you in the last thread how to do it.


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7/16/2008 9:48 PM

pics, i couldnt really tell wat was up cuz the camera wasnt still