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6/5/2008 8:39 PM

hey i'm new here and this is sort of a silly question, but if i want more top speed would i want more teeth on the chain wheel or less, i have a 44 tooth chain wheel already and 16 tooth on the back sprocket.

thanks for the help


6/5/2008 8:42 PM

smaller in the back or bigger in the front .. since your sprockets big id say get like a 15t or 14t in the back, thatll make your top speed higher


6/5/2008 8:45 PM

hey thanks, is there like a... tutorial section here? Or am i going to have to search how to do this on google


6/5/2008 8:47 PM

the gear ratio is the sprocket divided by the back driver/freewheel
So yeah either yo are keeping the 16 freewheel and you ll get a bigger front 46?
Or what would be best would be lower on the back like 15 would be good


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6/5/2008 8:52 PM

i see, is it easy to take off the rear driver/freewheel thing? or would it be easier to do the front sprocket? i have a one piece crank by the way


6/5/2008 8:57 PM

yeah a 15 tooth freewheel would be standard for that size sprocket, and would give you more top end speed than what you got... I think...I am pretty sure. But that is some big gearing and maybe haven what you got (a little quicker) works better for you cuz of the spots you are riding. Only you know if you have enough room to get up to speed where you ride. Sounds like a cheap drive train or just a racing set up. L8


6/5/2008 9:04 PM

well i need more top speed. i cant keep up racing my friends newer redline. i have a dyno vfr and i'm pretty sure its set up more for dirt but i use it for everywhere, but its a little too quick and too slow. and i could use the excersize.