chase hawk 2.4 vs fit faf 2.4

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5/12/2014 7:36 AM

Which of these two tires is the best? I mainly ride park with street here and there.


5/12/2014 11:12 PM

Tioga comp iii 1.85


5/12/2014 11:15 PM

Haro Joe Dirt tires


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5/13/2014 5:43 AM

Ask for a or b. Replies sugest c and d lol.
I have only experienced that odyssey, and it was really good and lasted.




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5/13/2014 8:03 AM

the hawks are for street. i have them and they are amazingly grippy for street but slide out alot for park for sure


5/13/2014 2:04 PM

Hawks will last longer, FAFs will grip better. I haven't had 2.4 FAFs, but ive had 2.10s which use the same tread and they only lasted a few months at most.

Few of my friends have hawks, they really suck anywhere with dust/loose dirt or anywhere kinda slippery.


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5/13/2014 2:51 PM

Fit FAF 2.30 are great for street and last really long, I sudgest 2.25 front and 2.30 rear


5/13/2014 3:10 PM

My hawks lasted a year


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