check this out from mutantbikes

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7/15/2009 4:35 PM


"Got my vans on, finna' walk out da' door, finna ride my bike man even if it snows"- Ryan Rigney

7/15/2009 4:37 PM

its ok. its cool if you never move your seat. but if you do, you need to drill alot of holes. they should make a pivotal post with 5 or 6 predrilled holes in it. that would be better


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7/15/2009 4:39 PM

to manny people would fuck this up


Bike Check

7/15/2009 4:41 PM

i think its pretty dope. so clean


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7/15/2009 4:46 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/15/2009 4:46 PM

thats so sick, you could probably make something like that your self



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