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2/5/2015 6:23 PM

so, i was just riding around yesterday, and omw up my driveway, i kinda just hover over the back wheel, not really trying to manual, and i kinda start to feel the front going light, not enough to lift, but , like it feels sooooo close, right now my bars are parallel with my forks, so i tilted them forward so their almost vertical (still titling to the back some) should i see any improvement with manuals?


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2/5/2015 6:49 PM

I run mine slightly chicago. Isnt too noticeable when looking but you can feel it. Its what works for me. Try it and go from there


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2/5/2015 7:10 PM

I usually change mine. If i am doing lots of manuals i have them slightly forward. if i'm planning lots of nose stuff its the ideal thing to sit them further forward to help lock it all in.


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2/5/2015 7:14 PM

I like them slightly forward for everything. It looked really weird with my directors but not very noticeable with r32's.


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2/5/2015 7:36 PM

What ever is comfortable to you? Depending on how you ride too?? With me, Chicago I'll ride with my body weight up front?? Seem to nose dive a little more?? Bars back a little, my body weight is more towards the rear tire.. I also ride a 21tt for the little extra room with a smaller reach on stem?. People are different that what makes this sport so bad ass (Dope) haha


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2/6/2015 1:02 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/6/2015 1:04 AM

I like when my bar looks parrallel to the fork but is a bit forward.
But i'm 6.1 feet for a 21" frame and it feels so small to me, i loop out too much manuals because of this; when i manual I got my arms straight and my bodyweight is far behind my rear wheel.

So I tried to put my bar fucking forward to simulate a longer top tube and... it had make me imediatly a manual boss, i can hold it on entire streets, thats so easy.

The only problem is that make the bike really twichy on the front... I mean... a bit forward can feel good but what i've done is way too much ! (I'll never ride a bowl with that bar setup).
What i really need is a 21.5" frame...


2/6/2015 7:49 AM

Parallel for this guy. I used to Chicago, then I learned barspins, and landing with the bars backwards when Chicago'd feels weird and takes up a ton of leg room for me.


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2/6/2015 11:45 AM

I ride them a tiny bit forward from the fork. I'm a taller guy for my frame size so I like the extra room, plus everything feels snappier in regards to spins and manuals


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2/7/2015 9:45 AM

Str8 up and down works best for me.


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