chrome rims: what pads should i use?

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11/1/2011 8:37 PM

i have front brakes and right now i am using clear pads on my painted rim
they aren't very noisy and stop just how i need them to
but i'm getting chrome rims and i don't know what pads to use
i need them to lock up real well so i can do various nosepick tricks
but i don't want them to grip too well and rip up the pad
so basically my question is:
will red pads grip well enough? or are clear pads a bad idea?


11/2/2011 6:05 AM

I had the red pads and they lock real nice. The odyssey mediums are red.


11/2/2011 6:15 AM

Clear pads will wear out faster than usual and squeek like a bitch but black or red pads will work really well with the chrome


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