éclat blind freecoaster problems

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6/9/2015 1:37 PM

Dylanyuen271 wrote:

It's normal for there to be a little drag or resistance back pedaling on a freecoaster but it should be relatively smooth (no ...more

wildzcardz wrote:

So should be dead silent? Kind of has a very faint grind sound like sand granules stuck in it (not there is but just for a ...more

The Horror Contact wrote:

Thats normal, its the pawls engaging and catching onto the ratchet ring...youre fine. Youll also hear a clicking sound at ...more

on my Salt Plus Trapez Freecoaster ( been riding it since january 2014 ,every day but 5 days not), u can like throw the pedals around backwards; and make them spin for 7 years ,if the chain is loose enough ^^.
Grinding sounds ???



6/9/2015 1:54 PM

ThugLifeBmxRiderz wrote:

So is the spring thing fixed now or are there new issues with the hub because I want one

The Horror Contact wrote:

Mine is solid!! Engagement is way better then all of the khe clones and its nice to have proper dual hubguards. Also, when I ...more

This makes me want to get a BLIND .
It truly seems so perfect in Theory the thang !

I will try One