éclat blind freecoaster problems

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1/27/2015 5:36 PM

So to start off I feel that the hub is not living up to the hype at all. At first it was alright and felt solid. Then everything went downhill. I've had about two sessions on this thing and nothing is working properly. The first time I rode this thing within an hour it lost it's slack and felt similar to a cassette so I took it apart to find out the spring had blown up. I know this has been a common issue with this. I used a rubber band and she was running perfect when I went to this skatepark the next day. Then the day after I took it apart to check out the rubber band to see if it was broken or something and it was a bit worn so I replaced it and regreased it while it was apart. I put it back together and now there's quite a bit of side to side play and does not feel solid what soever like shane weston and éclat claimed it to be. I have no clue what's wrong and what happened so if anyone has this problem or has fixed it please help.