clear coat spray job?

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9/3/2011 7:24 AM

okay, so my frame needs a new spray job and i really like the tinted clear coat effect that allows you to see all the welds which comes on the 09 proper ttl frames (
i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of where to find the paint and how to go about spraying it?


9/3/2011 7:31 AM

auto zone, then hang it in your garage and paint it.

hang it by the headtube and paint ONE tub at a time working your way DOWN.

head tube, then tt, dt, seat tube and bb, the left seat stay, right seat stay, the left chain stay, the right chainstay.

MAKESURE YOU SPRAY THE WHOLE THING!!!! then do 4 more coats or youll be wire brushing rust off like i have to. i have my berzerker sprayed down with wd40 and then wrapped in seran wrap. now i have to go wire brush it.,


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