clutch freecoaster help

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3/14/2017 4:27 PM

whenever i pedal the odyssey clutch fc on my bike makes a weird popping noise. does anyone know how to fix this


3/14/2017 4:34 PM

New hub old chain?
Chain too tight?
Chain line bad? (this means is your driver cog lined up with your sprocket)
Dirty chain


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3/14/2017 5:06 PM

If its new then dont worry it will go away because its wearing in but if its not new then there is a problem.


3/14/2017 5:22 PM

If it's pretty new, it's fine. Every clutch type freecoaster I've had did that when were new. Let it wear in for a week or 2 and then regrease it.

If it's not new, it needs a regrease.


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3/15/2017 5:59 AM

My clutch did it off and on for about a month. It's just bedding in it's fine. Mine went away when I did a manual 180 and landed sideways.