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8/4/2014 12:53 AM

Okay, Same friend I was going to build the Mirraco up for. Would be using this as an A-B bike. and he MIGHT go hit some entry level dirt jumps or i might take him to the track once he gets good on it. Budget is 100-130. Maybe 150... top.... SO here is the deal, if you where on a budget, buying a bike which you where going to ride to work and could not take the bus, and are a novice rider(I had to teach him how to ride and he is still having troubles but is getting better) which bike of these 2 would you pick. for me, I would probably pick the machine because of the 14mm rear axle, and its red. but I just want some opinions from other people if you where in his shoes.

so the bikes we're looking at are...
Dk General Lee.


The Dk Machine

I think I might have built a General Lee once, but if i did, it was back when i first started work so i cant remember if it was any good or not. for the level we're talking about, I have build 3 Machines, and all of them were good. welded gyro tabs.


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8/4/2014 1:18 AM

id go in craigslist and try to find a bike in his budget, might be able to find a good complete for the low or talk down on a bike to fit budget


8/4/2014 2:47 AM

They have age limits, meaning they gunna break


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8/4/2014 5:24 AM

id stay away from dk. i know you like them and all... i used to be a huge dk fan myself but their not what they used to be. hit up craigslist.


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