demolition stem vs. hoffman stem

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12/23/2011 9:58 PM

Should I get the demolition keystone or hoffman tl stem?


Just ride.

12/24/2011 5:05 AM

i say keystone. i was gonna get it once i had money.


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12/24/2011 6:42 AM



brakeless maniac

12/24/2011 6:57 AM

Profile all day!


/ / /M POWER (OO=[][]=OO) /O==[][]==O\

12/24/2011 8:31 AM

You aren't going to hear many people recommend Hoffman, but quite honestly a lot of their aftermarket parts are really nice...


12/24/2011 8:32 AM

yea hoffman makes alot of really good parts i prefer the Fit S4 stem over either you mentioned.


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