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5/19/2014 7:39 PM

Basically I'm 13 in 8th grade I can do all the basic tricks (bar, 180, grind). but I'm kinda at a stand still. does bmx get easier when you get older?


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5/19/2014 7:43 PM

Yes, if you quit now and start again in 5 years, you will be pro. Trust me, I'm an engineer.


5/19/2014 8:42 PM

It kinda shouldn't be a question as EVERYONE is different obviously, but things like maybe geometry of your setup may matter. Like if you're like 5'1" and ride a 21" toptube with a topload stem and Perfect 10 or Elevenz bars.


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5/19/2014 8:49 PM

Buy premium ck frame and you will learn hop whip in the first 5 seconds of having it.


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5/19/2014 8:53 PM

Sounds like you might be getting bored with biking? Do stuff that scares you. That's i how progress.


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5/19/2014 8:58 PM

How about trying different tricks or combos.


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5/19/2014 9:13 PM

I actually think about this. Like size of the bike and stuff. From what I've heard, when you're older and taller you can whip the bike around much easier. Now try these tricks:
X up
More grind variations


5/19/2014 9:46 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/19/2014 9:47 PM

im kinda old and i think it does a little bit? but don't think so much about how many tricks you can do, think more about how you can ride each obstacle you come across, what you can do with them to have fun/make it look cool. just get creative with it. ride different things, go bigger, learn bike control, scare yourself every now and then. bmx isn't about how many hop tricks you can do in your drive way going 0.5 mph


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5/20/2014 6:56 AM

Change your setup. Pull pegs and do other things. Put pegs on and grind stuff. Run brakes. try flatland.

Ride something you normally don't.


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