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5/12/2013 3:34 PM

whats your average distance?
--rollback, and 180
Whats your furthest distance?
Cassette or coaster?

I ride a coaster atm but I also ride cassettes
Rollback off a bank I average a little more than a half a block (coaster) and almost a full block with a cassette
180 to fakie I average a little more than a half block with my coaster, and like a quarter block with a cassette
The furthest ive gone was just under 2 blocks with my coaster (180) and a block and a half with a cassette (rollback)
I ride 27/9 so its a little easier to back pedal with a cassette

Kind of a dumb thread, I know. But I was just curious about if im good (i would like to think so) or just average


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5/12/2013 3:38 PM

Don't know I can pretty much fakie how far I want to.
No clue I think like 200 meters when my friend challenged me to do it along this parking lot.
It doesn't really make a difference to me if I 180 or just rollback off something, I either 180 while riding really fast and then start pedaling really fast while fakieing so I don't loose speed or just rollback.


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