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4/20/2011 8:17 PM

everyone should go on demolitions facebook page ask for a rogue female axle kit pretty please?


4/20/2011 8:18 PM



Refs: 36 + (i forgot a few)!! ScramHype (x2) , TCbmx.(x4), Ecuadevil (x3), Lee Rager (please dont delete me) x3, Futurefbm, genisis,netti spagetti, carjakester,BMX-\1995/, showtime402 (x2), 562_Rider , SuperstarDk (x2), Kurt4413, Joe green (x2), Dee hos, Spenlard,roqfan,Stolen Cherry, ninjacat33, Broughton, also local deals with Droogskull, and jbeaton13

4/20/2011 8:21 PM

they said if enough people ask for them they would make them