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5/17/2008 2:50 AM
Edited Date/Time: 5/17/2008 2:51 AM

whats your favorite trick??


-nice bike-

5/17/2008 2:55 AM

tuck no handers or 360 tdowns


GO BMX DAY!! August first yo!!

5/17/2008 3:41 AM

i love turndownsss, flying 90's are just gorgeous, best trick ever has to be aitkens one foot inverts tho


5/17/2008 8:07 AM


griz air!!!!!!!!


5/17/2008 9:27 AM

im working on 180s so thats probably it for me, i like threes but i cant get them flatland evrytime yet, but uhh turndowns are pretty fun if i could get to a skatepark more often


5/17/2008 9:29 AM

tuck nohanders or backflips



5/17/2008 12:36 PM

180s for me right now. Ive been getting them real steezy and can do one anytime..or opposite 180d which is what im gettin now


5/17/2008 12:45 PM

don't really have a favorite trick, but the tricks a like the most are inverts, flairs, front flips and tailwhips


5/17/2008 3:30 PM

tailwhips and inverts


5/17/2008 4:55 PM

bar tweeks or moto whips, best things to ever happen


chuck norris rides little kid's bikes!!!

5/17/2008 7:28 PM

big 180s over box jump and street shit haha and turndown and tuck no handers


5/17/2008 7:37 PM

dude top 4


August 1st bmx day??? WHY NOT RIDE EVERY DAY!