folding tires wobbly?

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11/24/2016 7:10 PM

seems like all the folding tires I've ran have problems with the bead. well I've only run microknobbies really, and they all seem to be wonky and wobbly. my rim is definitely straight and there's definitely big lumps and imperfections on the tire.
iirc someone said this was an inherent problem with most all Kevlar tires?
any info? any remedy's?
i mean what tire is anywhere near as awesome/similar to the microknobbie? im about to get a markweb khe tire for the front. im worried about traction on dirt, tho :o
vittoria makes litewate 20in tires, yes? i cant really find any info about them on their site nor can i find any USA retailers. anyone have info on these tires?


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11/24/2016 10:53 PM

The wobbly that you see is not an imperfection but the tire is not on the rim 100%. The wobbly comes from the bead not perfect some where around the bead of the rim.

Road bikes and mountain bikes have folding tires for a long time now. I found this video that has a couple tricks. I recommended his last tip of using basically soap and water to help set the tire

Within the first minute he explains and shows you what your issue you have now.


11/25/2016 9:27 AM

The wobbly is from you not running enough pressure in your tires , pump that shit up to 100 psi