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bmxismahhLIFE bmxismahhLIFE
11/26/2012 10:07 AM

im about to buy a haro sd... i know its strong but what is it made for?? like street or park or like trails?? i like to do manuals and like to footjam and im more of a tech rider do you think it would be a good frame for me?? does it have a short back end so i can hold manuals for days? lol some one help thanks!

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andyferly andyferly
11/26/2012 10:29 AM

Well it's not exactly a street frame
It has pretty long back end a low BB
That doesn't mean anything, for e.g. Simone Barraco runs a 13.75 too and he is a really good street rider
At the end it comes to personal preference

There is a few guys on here that have one and a streetish riders

"Are they punkin' me Tio, are they punkin' me?"

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theprophet theprophet
11/26/2012 1:42 PM

short backends are not going to help you hold manuals

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bmxismahhLIFE bmxismahhLIFE
11/26/2012 2:35 PM
theprophet wrote:

short backends are not ...more

it gives it a bit more of a pop so its a little more responsive.. since im smaller i cant pull as far back so its kinda easier for me to have a shorter back end so i can snap into em

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andyferly andyferly
11/26/2012 2:43 PM
bmxismahhLIFE wrote:

it gives it a bit more of ...more

Fair enough

"Are they punkin' me Tio, are they punkin' me?"

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DylanLow DylanLow
11/26/2012 2:51 PM

i have it and i love mine. go for it, if you don't think about it none of the specs will affect you. lol, at least that what i do.


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bmxismahhLIFE bmxismahhLIFE
11/26/2012 4:59 PM
DylanLow wrote:

i have it and i love mine. ...more

ahaha true! but is it strong??? lol

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BmxNinja101 BmxNinja101
11/26/2012 6:18 PM

its an all around good for everything frame

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