frame comparisons mutiny to fit, (hope u like reading)

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3/8/2014 1:30 PM

ok this is gonna be long, here it goes, so a guy wanted to trade me his mutiny conjurer V1 frame in factory paint rootbeer (trans orange) for my aftermarket 2009 fit eddie v2 frame, i love the specs of the mutiny frame, especially the short back end because ive only rode 13.65 and up rear ends and i wanted to try something different, after i rode a buddies fly teirra.

the mutiny is in decent condition, the chainstay has scratches and there is a really small but noticeable dent in the downtube, here are the specs and details of the mutiny:

The Mutiny Conjurer frame is the Matt Roe signature model made from 4130 Sanko chromoly featuring an offset thickness integrated headtube drilled for gyro tabs, tapered toptube, external downtube gusset, externally machined Mid BB shell, tapered seattube with integrated seatpost clamp, tapered seatstays with removable U-brake mounts, wishbone style chainstay junction for strength and 4mm thick dropouts with improved peg clearance.
Headset Type: Integrated (Campy)
Gyro Tabs: Removable (Not Included)
Brake Mounts: Removable (Included)
BB Type: Mid
BB Height: 11.6"
Chainstay: 13.25 with 3/4 of adjustment
Headtube Angle: 74.5°
Seattube Angle: 69°
Seattube Height: 8" (203mm)
Seatpost Size: 25.4mm
Seat Clamp: Integrated
Dropout Size: 14mm
Weight: 4 lbs 14.9 oz

my aftermarket fit eddie v2 has a horrible black spraypaint job over top of 3 layers of other older spraypaint which hasnt been sanded before painting, there is a 7mm long small dent on the top tube, (not really noticeable), i shaved a bit off the drop out so i can slam my wheel, other than that, there is no proplem or scratches on the frame........yet. here are the specs and details:

The new Eddie Cleveland signature frame from Fit. This frame features Eddie’s preferred low, laid back street geometry and a whole host of tech features like the heat treated 4130 tubing, built-in pivotal seat post, tiny dropouts (not meant for pegs), 4Q baked down tube, externally machined BB and headset and huge tyre clearance.
* Top Tube: 20.5, 20.75, 21, 21.25
* A lightweight chromoly frame designed for park / street / trail use
* 100% 4130 butted and heat treated tubing
* New internally gussetted down tube
* New externally CNC machined headtube and BB shell
* Integrated seatpost (Pivotal compatible)
* Massive tyre clearance
*Tear-drop oval downtube to fight dents
* Micro dropouts
* Head Tube Angle: 75°
* Seat Tube Angle: 69°
* Chainstay Length: 13.65″ (Slammed)
* BB Height: 11.8″, mid bb
* Weight: 4lbs 13oz

last coments: i ride park and mostly tech-ish street, very very little dirt, i like how my frame is fully heat treated and butted, and has an intergrated seatpost, other than that im not too fond of the specs and the drop outs, especially riding 4 pegs, for the mutiny, i really really really like the specs but i dont like how its not full heat treated, butted, and ive heard bad things about sanko chromoly and mutiny itself, ive heard mutiny's snap easily ie:the loosifer.. but yea i like both frames the same..... so, question is, what do you think, would it be worth the trade, and any experiances with the mutiny frame, any thoughts will help, thanks alot to vital


3/8/2014 2:19 PM

Id trade.




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3/8/2014 2:37 PM

I'd take the mutiny


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3/8/2014 2:37 PM



3/8/2014 3:21 PM

duu eeet