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1/10/2014 8:16 PM

I stopped seriously riding about 2 years ago and didn't touch a bmx bike for about a year and a half. A couple weeks ago I saw some little kids on bmx bikes and asked if I could try something. Did a 180, decent 3 and a manual and it felt real good to be on a bike again so I got mine out.

I used to only do 180's and manuals mostly but now I've gotten really shitty and can barely do those as good.

I want to basically start from the very beginning again and relearn and perfect everything. What should I start with? I want to learn more stuff to so recommend some simple tricks for me to try please


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1/10/2014 8:18 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/10/2014 8:18 PM

180s, good fakies, 3s, manuals, manual to 180, half cab, etc


1/11/2014 12:19 AM

I know the feeling man... my best advice is to just take it easy and have fun. Don't bust your ass too much on things you pretty much already know how to do. The first week or two just cruise n shit. No rush. sooner or later you'll snap right back to where you were. And then from there you can sort of reinvent your style of riding.

maybe slap some pegs on and try simple combos..
haul some ass..
sharpen your bunnyhoping form..
learn some trails.. that shit can get hella easy when you develop a flow
do stupid but fun tricks that nobody else does, but keep it simple
ride with new faces..


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1/11/2014 4:44 AM

getting it back is as easy as riding a bike haha pun intended but seriously welcome back to the Dark side. aren't these cookies delicious?


1/11/2014 4:55 AM

SecretBMX wrote:

getting it back is as easy as riding a bike haha pun intended but seriously welcome back to the Dark side. aren't these ...more


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1/11/2014 8:06 AM

I started riding recently, and what i found to be pretty good (although i'm starting from scratch) is setting myself a target trick to have mastered in that day or two days of riding. Hop 180 was my first, so i spent the first day trying to master my bunnyhop, trying to get as high as possible and get my launching and landing techniques right, and then day two was me 180-ing after the hop.

That's all i've done so far because i got a flat and had stuff to do today so i couldn't fix it. But tomorrow i'll be out trying to master something else. Maybe manual to hop, or hop to manual, or maybe manual 180. Or maybe just practice half cabbing out of my hop to 180 first, but that's pretty simple.

I've got a couple of friends that ride (unfortunately they don't live nearby so i'm learning on my own) that i've asked for make me a check list of simple tricks and give me orders/timeframes to 'master' them. Getting harder and more complex as i get down the list.

Once i learn the basics i'll meet up with them to ride, but until then this is all i've got and it worked for the start so i'm hoping it'll work for the rest of them too tongue