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1/13/2009 3:29 PM

i am a beginner to bmx and to this forum. what are some good parts i can add to my soon to be stolen sinner?


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1/13/2009 3:30 PM

what are you looking for?


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1/13/2009 4:04 PM
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not to be an ass. buttt im pretty sure every part on my bike is very good. my forks arent the strongest. i would recomend odyssey race forks. and everything else on my bike is pretty reliable.

Frame - Mutiny Loosefer.

Fork - Primo Strand.

Bars - Kink Lynx.

Barends - Federal.

Stem - Colony Official.

Grips - Odi Longnecks.

Headset - Kink Integrated. Primo Carbon Spacers.

Seatpost - Stolen S.I.C.

Seat - Kink Pivotal.

Front Rim - Primo Balance.

Front Spokes - titanium.

Front Hub - Profile ti bolts.

Front Tire - KHE Dirt

Rear Rim - Primo Balance.

Rear Spokes - titanium.

Rear Hub - Profile SS mini hollow ti axle and driver.

Cranks - Profile. ti bolts and spindle.

Bottom Bracket - Shadow/Dk spacers

Pedals - Odyssey Twisted PC.

Sprocket - Kink Sound.

Chain - KMC 710SL.

Brakes - Proper Magna.

Brake Cable - Odyssey Linear

Brake Lever - Odyssey Trigger.

Front Peg - Tree Trick Stick.

Back Peg - Colony One Way.



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1/13/2009 4:09 PM

stolen sinner is pretty good as it is, esp for a beginner but maybe new bars like smaller or higher. new pedals maybe some metal ones? i would wait til you get it then figure out new things you want for it as you go along.


1/13/2009 5:43 PM

No no no, bad idea!
Dont put new parts on the bike, your just learning. Your most likely going to smash up the rims, handlebars may bend (My handlebars broke completely while I was at the local park, it sucked ;P. I forget what they were but it was like, SNAFU or somethin' like that..)
Oh yah, after you've got a few tricks down or your getting pretty good, then change out the parts.


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