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9/8/2009 2:40 PM

i hate getting kicked out of spots because people are afraid of liability against injury. when they really dont care about the place. well i thought and action sports waiver. where you go to a bank or an official place get a card like a drivers license and you are making it so if you get hurt doing the sport on any property they arent liable for the injury.


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9/8/2009 2:46 PM

i would buy one, but they see it as you are destroying property, so they kick you out so that they wouldnt have to replace somthing like a ledge or a bench


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9/8/2009 2:48 PM

they'll never do that


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9/8/2009 2:58 PM

JamesRidesVerde wrote:

they'll never do that



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9/8/2009 3:42 PM

yeah this wouldnt work because you also get kicked out of places because we "destroy property" and because it we could be disturbing traffic and customers of the place we are riding at. even if this did ever happen people would still find reasons to be able to kick us outta spots


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