gyro binding?

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1/24/2015 12:50 AM

what is gyro binding? and how do i fix it? at the moment i run a snafu mobeus and when i pull my brakes and turn my bars i can feel something rubbing, is this binding?


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1/24/2015 7:11 AM

It's possible your gyro flops a bit and rubs on the headset top cap or spacers. Watch what it does. Also if you take it off the bike, look to see if any paint/anodizing has been rubbed off.

Gyro flop is when your cable tension is uneven, and the gyro flops front to back when you spin your bars.


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1/24/2015 12:32 PM

Try to fix your barrel adjusters so that they both have the same amount of threads showing on both sides of the gyro plate and upper cables, that was my problem until I found that it was just some adjustment. Hopefully this was helpful and hope you can get back to riding soon!


1/25/2015 10:59 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/25/2015 11:12 PM

*-Pre Gyro troubleshooting:
Make sure your brakes are adjusted correctly, with the correct ammount of Sping tension on both arms, and that your Brake pads are toed in. also that your wheel is within the "trued" Tolerances, and is in line with your frame. you should Also adjust your straddle cable to allow your hanger the greatest Travel Distance, I normally like to have the hanger barrel bolt with some threads showing, about the same ammount as the jam nut is deep. This will allow you to decrease your braking power, to get your brakes to hit at the pressure you prefer best.

1-cable inspection:
check your cables for any kinks or damage that could screw up the tension.

back all your barrel adjusters in, and disconnect from your gyro, and dripple Tri-Flow everywhere you can on the cables, jiggle the housing so that lubricant is encouraged to travel deeper into the housing, you should also drip Tri-Flow into the hinge of your brake lever(if your brake lever Has a Spring, I would recomend removing it, It serves no purpose and gives a false impression of the brake arm spring, also it adds a couple grams.)- Lastely Drip tri-flow into the Gyro itself, Spin the gyro 360 with your hands a few times, adding more Tri-Flow to in the Gyro this ensures that your Gyro will spin smoothly - Reconnect. your cables.

3. -Adjusting for maxium travel(pull):
screw the lower barrel adjusters all the way down.(use the back edge of a metal ruler to get the barrel adjusters at the exact same spot. Useing a pair of pliers to hold the barrel adjusters in place, use a 10mm wrench to tighten the lower jam nuts to secure the lower cable tension.

4.-Adjustment Barrels at Brake lever.:
adjust the brake lever barrel adjuster, and the Y-cable's union barrel adjuster so the cable housing between the 2 is contacting the bottoms of both adjustment bolts, no more then this.

5. -Balancing the Detangler.:
check your tension, you might be close to the right area. spin the bars slowly, watching the Detangler. often times, the Longer of Upper Cables will stretch out sooner, or was slightly longer, this always tends to be the first one I adjust whenever I am troubleshooting a Detangler.

6- Lock it down.
once you have balanced your detangler, and your braking pressure is where you prefer it, use your pliers and 10mm open ended wrench to lock all the jam nuts down, this will help to prevent them from coming unscrewed and disrupting the balance of your Gyro.

good luck, hope this helps you!

Also, the Mobus(48mm) is not a very highly rated gyro, being unsealed, it isnt as smooth as other Gyros. I would recomend you ugrade to a Odyssey GTX-A(purple)(46mm), which is on Sale on Dan's Comp right now for 24.99 USD
However, if the GTX-A will not fit your headtube, The Shadow Sano(48mm) is another excellent Gyro.

I run a gyro on my personal bike, also,I Literally, every single day set up cheap POS gyros that are a royal pain in the ass to get right and sometimes never do, BUT I STILL CAN GET THOSE PERFECT or nearly perfect.


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