hai, i am new to this forum

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6/23/2014 8:10 AM

Hello Friends, I am Mary, a stay home mom from California. I am new to this exciting forum and looking forward to meet new people and find some great money saving deals in this hard time. With 4 kids in the house, any awesome deal is always welcome. I have always used the traditional mail coupon methods for years for basic groceries and everyday stuff but this is actually my first time being on a forum like this to be with like minded friends who share the same mindset. Would love to hear back from you guys ! Thanks & Cheers - Mary


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6/23/2014 8:22 AM

This is a BMX forum, anything with BMX we can help you with. As for money saving on any groceries, a lot of us can't help. There are a few dudes that are parents on here though that might be of some help. Welcome.

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Welcome to Vital

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This is your second thread. We get it, you want coupons. We can help you with coupons to BMX websites and we can help you with any bike problems you may have. Other than that, we really can't help you.

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