having 2 bmx for different uses..make sense?

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1/7/2020 2:40 PM

Hello Guys,

I am in love with park but in our country there aren't good skatepark at the moment..so I am riding a street bmx.
The local shop said that is going to build very soon an indoor skatepark (he already owns one but it's small).

Do you think make sense to buy another bmx pegless with park geometry to use only in skatepark and trails?
or it is just a stupid thing to do?
I would like to buy a dirt bike but I rather have a park bmx.



1/7/2020 2:58 PM

I guess if you've got the money and you feel like it, but I'd never do it. You're constantly going to have to adjust to the feel of each bike as you keep switching. I think your riding would be at its best if you just stuck to one bike and got used to it. Also, just because your bike is set up for street doesn't mean you can't ride park and trails. I'd just stick to one bike if I were you.


1/7/2020 3:01 PM

Undesemin wrote:

I guess if you've got the money and you feel like it, but I'd never do it. You're constantly going to have to adjust to the feel of each bike as you keep switching. I think your riding would be at its best if you just stuck to one bike and got used to it. Also, just because your bike is set up for street doesn't mean you can't ride park and trails. I'd just stick to one bike if I were you.

Thanks for writing that, I was about to write something very similar..👍


1/7/2020 3:09 PM

It's a BMX, ride it wherever you like! :-) Just because some companies are marketing specific bikes as either "park" or "street" orientated or whatever doesn't mean they won't do the job of an all-rounder. Set up one good bike the way you like it and ride!

Unless of course you have money burning a hole in your pocket. In that case buy another bike, you know you want to...


1/7/2020 3:42 PM

If I were a rich man...I think I'd have a second BMX bike for racing and trails for sure. Probably a 22'' or 24'' cruiser.

I mean I'd have a full downhill mountain bike too and a little 250 trail dirtbike and one of those SurRon electric motobikes and trailers and stuff to drive them out and a huge garage to keep them all in....

Unfortunately, that is not my life at the moment!


1/8/2020 7:21 AM

Nowadays, street or park doesn’t really mean anything, it’s more tech vs all around.


1/8/2020 7:23 AM

What I have decided is, unless the bike is super different its not worth it. I have had 2+ bikes for almost as long as I have been riding bmx and always ended up only riding 1 of the 2. I had to basically force myself to ride the other so I could justify the 2 bikes. I found it would affect my riding negatively as well, it would feel weird to switch between the two.

I do still have 2 bikes but I have my street/park 20" and a 22" I use for dirt jumping and cruising. I still ride my 20" way more but when I go dirt jumping the 22" just feels so much more stable in the air.

Its nice to have 2 bikes but if you're anything like me, it ends up being unnecessarily expensive because you are building/upgrading/fixing 2 bikes when all you really need is 1.


1/8/2020 8:39 AM

I would like to do this if i had the money , but i would have all the same parts on both bikes except one would have lighter wheels and some ti stuff and maybe brakes but then again none of the frames i like have brake mounts lol


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1/8/2020 8:51 AM
Edited Date/Time: 1/8/2020 8:51 AM

Part of me likes the idea and part of me doesn't. smile

I think changing geometry regularly would be.... challenging. However, I'm betting some dudes do it. Maybe?

I do ride 2 different bikes every day. But one is for exercise and then I hop on my BMX for tricks after doing my ride. I started doing tricks on my 26" cruiser before I got a BMX set up. As I spend time on my bmx, my cruiser feels weird to do tricks on. But last night I had the rear wheel off my BMX and didn't get to ride it. And did a few small things on my cruiser. I think you can train yourself to do whatever you want.

I've seen guys that do bmx do tricks on their MTB's too.

You should try it and see if it works for you and then let us know.


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1/8/2020 9:35 AM

Unless you are racing and the 2nd bike is a race bike... you won't use one of them much.

its just how it is. You will have the one you prefer and you will ride terrain accordingly. I've built a 2nd bike up countless times and that's how it always goes.


1/8/2020 10:39 AM

the rider makes the bike. not the other way around....


1/8/2020 10:54 AM

I built a roadtrip/flight bike and only used old spare parts and cheap parts - now I use it for street riding too and my other bike slowly transformed to a trails/bowl bike ...


1/8/2020 11:06 AM

I mean you could do one bike with brakes the other without?


It’s all bmx

1/9/2020 12:03 AM

Yeah like everyone else says it doesn't really mean anything. My set up now compared to a year ago would be considered much more "street" (shorter frame, steeper angles, shorter fork offset) but I feel much more comfortable on this set up, even when hitting bowls or quarter pipes or whatever.

It's all down to personal preference rather than one set up necessarily being better for a specific style of riding


1/9/2020 5:52 AM

I’m currently building up a custom Ti frame for bmx shows/demos, tailwhip variations and Woodward trips. And I have my chromoly frame for riding most days with 2 pegs because I love ice pick chinks and stalls.


1/9/2020 11:33 AM

I am tempted to build up a trails geometry BMX at some point (like a Fit Hartbreaker or Mutiny Deathgrip) but we will see if I keep both that and the Sunday Soundwave.


1/9/2020 12:17 PM

I've got 2 bikes, 1 street setup (4pegs / Coaster) and a trails / transition setup (pegless / cassette) both bikes have completely different geo and I never have any trouble adjusting to the difference, so I'd say go for it.

It's nice to have the right tool for the job, but that's not to say you can't ride any setup on any terrain, I'd just rather not ride my twitchy street bike on dirt jumps and vice versa.


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1/9/2020 1:00 PM

thank you so much guys for all your answer, it means a lot!!

the reason I have asked for a new bike is because my street bike has a brakeless frame and I cannot put a brake.
Like as I said, there are not very good parks around here but there 2 nice trails which I love and let me think to have a more stable bike with frame and no pegs.

I am thinking also to buy a dirt instead of another bmx but I just love bmx because they are smaller and you can do more things.

Some of you said that I would find hard switching every time between them and I totally agree..but I cannot think to have only a park or a street bike. If I have to choose, I will stay with a street bike as it's more versatile.


1/9/2020 1:29 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/9/2020 1:31 PM


Hole in the front fork...... I can't tell you where exactly but I've seen it done on other bikes. If you have a brake for the front, you would just need to measure properly and drill a hole. Although admittedly, I'm not sure how hard it is to drill through Chromemoly or HiTen.

Or you could get new forks that are capable.

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1/9/2020 1:50 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/9/2020 1:54 PM

I have 3 BMX bikes. 1. Brakeless with a FC. 2. Brakeless with a cassette. 3. Brakes with a cassette.

Guess I need one with brakes and a FC now laughing



1/10/2020 7:37 AM

It isn't too hard to switch between completely different setups day by day, I was doing it last year.


1/11/2020 6:10 PM


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1/12/2020 12:56 AM

Here in a few weeks I will have 2 bikes. A complete I bought with brakes and one I'm ordering parts for now without brakes. Different stand over heights, bar rise, slightly difference chainstay length. Wasn't in my plan really but got the itch to have a custom build over a bought complete bike.


1/12/2020 8:47 AM

Not sure I'd change bikes for street vs park, but I am saving up parts for a second build. I want one for street/park and one for flatland. Just not sure if I get a larger frame and keep my current setup for flat, or get a smaller frame and tweak my current for street...


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1/12/2020 12:09 PM

i have a short frame 20.25 street bike commuter with three pegs and a really easy gear

i have a super litewate long and low 20.75 frame park bike with superlite tires and tubes and thin/lite delicate pegs that i drive to the skatepark

i have a fuck off huge, long and low 21.5in bmx i use as a dirt jumper with no grind parts and a dedicated brake

and of course im comfortable enough on each of these bikes to ride anything, i ride everything!


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1/12/2020 4:19 PM

I'm building a second bike up, only because I've just accumulated so many parts over the years. Both are gonna be set up pretty much the same, but one with a freecoaster and one with a cassette


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1/13/2020 9:47 AM

It really depends on how you ride. If you are going to ride tech park then a street set up is fine. If you are going to ride fast and jump huge stuff, and your street is tech, two different set ups helps. I mostly ride flatland so I have a flat dedicated bike. I also ride cement park and like to go fast and big there with little tech stuff so I have a dedicated park bike. I also have a dirt jump set up because I don't need pegs or a front brake and don't want to get my other bikes all filthy with dirt-too much to clean.

Smartest bet for a person coming up is one bike that can do it all. Adjust the parts on your bike to your new riding. You will figure it out. Don't buy a second bike just to have a second bike.


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1/14/2020 7:01 PM

I have an sm Bonesaw (super short rear end street frame) built up, and an SM Atf which is kind of the opposite of the bonesaw in terms of geometry. I can jump back and forth on them with little issue. Take maybe 5 minutes to get used to swapping then I'm good to go. If I'm going to ride indoor park or dirt jumps i ride the atf, for everything else I ride the street bike. Money isn't a very big issue for me, I could build up two more rides if I wanted but I'm pretty much satisfied. Let it be known im not very good so maybe really good riders would have more issue, or maybe less issue with having two totally different style bmx's. Hell I can go from my bmx to my Specialized STumpjumper trail mountainbike with little problem.


1/15/2020 1:35 PM

Bsd pro dan paley has just done this🤷


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