headset proplem?

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12/12/2014 2:37 PM

I recently came into a problem where my bars and forks would shake when I push them forwards or back and thought my frame had cracked in one way (it did) so I pit a new bike together with new stuff exept the headset and wheels and shit so I am wondering is my headset fucked coz id want to spend money on a new headset I am new to bmx so idk whats wronge


12/12/2014 2:54 PM

Did you make sure to tighten the top bolt first, then the pinch bolts on the stem?

Go to your bike, loosen the stem's side bolts, then take the top bolt off and make sure the steerer tube is under the stem by at least a few mms like this, only maybe not as much. If it isn't like that, you need a spacer or 2 and that should fix your problem. If it is like in the pic though, then put the fork bolt back on and tighten that one FIRST, not too tight, just enough to remove the wobble. Then tighten the stem bolts, and you should be good to go.

Try that, and report back here


12/12/2014 3:18 PM

Its nice and flush and tight but it still shakes back and forward


12/12/2014 3:21 PM

Flush as in the top of the steerer tube is flush with the stem? Because it shouldn't be flush. It should be 3 or 4mm below the stem.

What kind of headset is it? Integrated or standard?


12/12/2014 3:37 PM

Sit on your bike with the front tire pushed against a wall. Now as you tighten the way Sunday said, rock back and forth at the same time so it tightens the lowest spot. I used to have a terrible death wobble and this method seems to work just fine for me


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12/12/2014 6:27 PM

Newridertom wrote:

Its nice and flush and tight but it still shakes back and forward

I shouldn't be flush, you need spacers.


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12/13/2014 1:24 AM

This what it looks like without the top cap


12/13/2014 1:25 AM

And idk what headset it is it came with my first bike what I bought of a friend


12/13/2014 1:31 AM

Throw a 3 or 5mm spacer under your stem. There's no room for to tighten the headset down if your steerer tube fits flush with the top of your stem.


12/13/2014 1:53 AM

Is this better?Photo


12/13/2014 5:58 AM

Tighten it and see


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12/13/2014 6:51 AM

It's better if you put a spacer in. If you just pulled the stem up, it's gonna wobble more.


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12/13/2014 3:42 PM

Its fixed thanks guys wink