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Cali Rider Cali Rider
4/26/2009 8:09 PM
A 13-year-old (Alex Cortes) and a 18-year-old (Able Silva) were killed killed and three others were injured in a shooting police are calling a "mass casualty incident" that took place in King City late Wednesday.

My dad is on the king city fire deparment and was called to a mass casulitis call all 4 fire trucks were on scene his turck was first on scene and he was first one in the garage and went to my friend ALEX cortes and started bagging him he also noticed my other frined able silva and chuy cruze were also shot.....chuy was shot i the back of the neck and shattered his spine. Able silva was also shot in the head along with Alex cortes able was consious and responcive he was then telling my dad what had happened prior to the call. Able silva then told my dad he and his friends alex chuy and jose and jose's brother were just playing xbox 360 and three men dressed in black and blue came into the garage with a bat and asked if they banged ( involved with a gang) they all said no we dont want any trouble and the three gang members yelled out the cops cant help you now and hit jose's little brother across the head with the bat then 2 of the other gang members pulled out 40 calibers and shot every one multiple times stricking Alex twice in the back of the head and twice in the lower back and twice more in the lower abdonim Able silva was shot once in the head and once in the stomach Chuy was shot once in the neck shattering his neck...

Alex was being bagged by my dad and everytime my dad pumped for air blood would shoot out of his wounds...Alex was later purnounced dead on scene the king city AMR crew called for life support helicopters and flew able silva to a bay aera hospital where he later died from his wounds...Chuy was flown to san jose hospital where he was tiol he was going to be parapolegic from the neck down and he is still in critical condition.... My town is a small tight knit town where gang violanceis taking over in the last year to year in a half i have seen 5 of my friends die from gang violance Today April 26th 2009 we had a car wash to help support Alexs furnal costs we raised over 5000 dollers and we hope to raise more to help out his family for his bills

Alex Cortes was just in 8th grade and 13 years old he lived a happy and fullfilling life he loved sports and playing video

Able silva was a very well known student at KCHS and his death has rocked the familys and students at KCHS

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JustRideBMX JustRideBMX
4/27/2009 4:11 AM

its a sad story, sorry for your loss

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montymitch montymitch
4/27/2009 9:14 AM

That hurts. Sorry that we live in world where garbage like this happens. I believe that there is a God and that he is just. The guilty shall be laid waste.

Yes, I really live in Wyoming.

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