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3/16/2015 10:13 PM

look i know there is a butt load of forums up about this but i really need help if you could watch the video and tell me what i might be doing wrong that would be great i real like im carving to hard into it but idk what it is

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3/16/2015 11:02 PM

Keep your head turned, can't really tell from the video if you are or not, but that's a major issue with a lot of people when learning spin tricks. Turn your head the direction you're spinning as you spin (Don't YANK your head, let it flow, if that makes sense).

Also, it looks like you pretty much have it, you just need to fully commit and keep your foot on. You might also be leaning too far to the right since you always fall towards that side, so try keeping your weight centered over the bike and try leaning less to that side when you spin. It might sound hard, but with practice it will come to you. Speaking practice, that's the next and final step. Just keep practicing them, one day you're out riding and trying them they'll just click.

Also, try spinning to the right. I noticed you're left foot forward and spinning to the left which is goofy, (nothing wrong with that, I'm goofy too) but it MIGHT help you, so just try spinning to the right a few times and if it feels easier/more comfortable to do so, then go that way from now on, if not, then stick to the left. I know when I first started out riding, I didn't know right from wrong and went by whatever my friend did and spun to the left (I'm right foot forward) and could never get the spin around very well, but one day I randomly tried them to the right and it came around so much easier so I just went with that.


3/16/2015 11:39 PM

Commit to it. Get it in your head that you WANT to land backward. Try not to pedal at all while you take off... that's mostly why your feet came off the pedals before you got 180. It's hard to explain to a beginner; stand on flat ground without your bike but in bike form(hands out, pedal stance).. then jump 180 while keeping your feet in the same position when you land. ..Easy shit right? It's the same as on a bike, just bring the bike with you; man handle it.

pretty much everything has been said by SBRR above, but these are the things I'd stress especially.


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3/17/2015 3:25 AM

Both comments tell everything you need to know, I can't do it BTW, still learning manuals, but, you are shifting your weight like too soon, so when the bike is in the air you are like too far too the left... And the other thing is, you want to land backwards you have to be thinking what that position is going to be so you can be prepared when you land...

You are going to get them in no time you are almost there...


3/17/2015 4:13 AM

you got em bruh. I did the same thing when I learnt 180s. I just jept at it untill 180 degrees felt natural. you're so close!!


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3/17/2015 8:32 AM

Try spinning to the right since you're left foot forward (that's the normal way to spin). Keep your head and shoulders turned while you 180. If you don't turn your head you will never land this trick. It's weird at first when you're figuring it out but trust me that's all there is to it.


3/24/2015 2:29 AM

No one ever emphasizes the fact that being goofy-footed can make learning spins from the beginning MUCH harder. In contrast to people who ride with regular footing, your back foot would naturally allow for easier leverage on the crank arm, thus letting you pull the bike around super easily and keep it stable. Being goofy-footed, you turn into your front foot and you can use your back foot for leverage because there's nothing there. And as you can see in this video, he tried to throw the back instead of picking it up more and that's what leads to the foot coming off. It's inevitable with that problem being goofy-footed, but it takes so much effort for spins sometimes that some days, you'll throw spins with arm strength and other days, with leg strength.


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3/25/2015 5:06 AM
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isnowyaznV2 wrote:

No one ever emphasizes the fact that being goofy-footed can make learning spins from the beginning MUCH harder. In contrast to ...more

good one ^^^^^ hez right


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