how do I install a hubguard?

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10/9/2016 7:02 PM

Ok, I realize this is a very basic question but I've searched everywhere and still can't seem to find a straight forward answer. What is everything I need to know about installing a hubguard and what is the step by step process for non drive side rear and non drive side front. I've tried just sliding one on the rear but the wheel then no longer fits in the dropouts. I'm assuming the hubguard replaces certain hardware, if so, what specific piece. Also, what are some good universal hub guards (not the ugly g sport ones) that I should use?


10/9/2016 7:05 PM


10/10/2016 4:17 PM

Kink makes universal hub guards


10/10/2016 4:19 PM

Daily grind makes great universal hub guards


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