how do i remove the bearings of my odyssey hazard v3 hub

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1/19/2014 4:55 AM

i checked the bearings of my hub and they spin like shit, when i tighten by hand the cone nut and the driver nut it doesn't spin freely, and when i take apart the axle and i spin them by hand they don't spin at all without applying some extra force, i want to take them off and clean and grease them, but i don't know how to remove them.


1/19/2014 7:07 AM

I've always used a thin flathead screwdriver and just hammer them out, works fine you just have to be careful to not smash the dust cover


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1/19/2014 10:23 AM

Might wanna just get new ones, those bearings are tiny (if it's a 9t driver) and pounding them out if they're bad might explode them. I'd wait & see if your local bike shop has some in stock first, then try to pound them out and if they do break, you have a backup plan.

What I usually do is stick a small socket in there so it's JUST against the inner bearing race from behind, then tap lightly until they all come out. Really shouldn't pound on that area cause it's weaker, but you can't anywhere else. Pop the seals off carefully, clean them, then regrease. I find it helps if you spin the bearing with your fingers a bit before putting them back in the hub/driver so you can tell if the grease is working. Usually it does, so just pop the seals back on and find a larger socket that will cover most of the area of the outer bearing race, and carefully tap them in 1 by 1.


1/19/2014 2:18 PM

ok thanks for the help! they aren't that bad actually when the wheel is in the frame, the wheel seems to spin fine, but when i spin the axle i can feel that there is something wrong, i'll call my lbs and see if they have the bearings, if they have them, ill try to grease the current ones, if not, i'll just ride it till it explodes, because riding worn bearings will only damage the bearings right?


1/19/2014 7:22 PM

It sounds like they're fine then if it spins in the hub, if it feels catchy just spinning your axle with your hand then that's normal. Those bearings are tiny & it doesn't take long for them to go to shit. it shouldn't hurt anything but might make your bike ghost pedal occasionally