how do you get a public trail goin?

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6/27/2010 9:49 AM

ive noticed that alot of people talkin about city owned does tht work?how do i get the word goin around?how do i approach them?how hard normaly is it to get goin?sorry for the q's just seems like a cool idea got ne help?(n sorrys for alot of posts in a recent while im newish)


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6/27/2010 10:02 AM

Send a letter to the parks and rec person at city hall inquiring about it.


6/28/2010 3:49 AM

Ring up your township or whatever you have.
And enquire about getting some trails started and get a patition out.


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6/28/2010 6:27 AM

Twisted654 wrote:

Send a letter to the parks and rec person at city hall inquiring about it.

Make sure to have a plan of how to help the city fund it (MUCH MORE likely to get it this way) and possible locations that are not going to really interfere with anything. Try seeing if you can get a corner of an existing park. Tell them you need dirt, a water supply nearby, and will get volunteers to help build/shape. All they need to do is provide a place (again, scope out possible spots already on public land) and whatnot.

Then contact your public works/city planning/parks and recreation office about it, perhaps with some photos/interviews with some other cities that have done it, to see what all it entails. At the same time, get TONS of support from the general public and other riders all over, as well as businesses. Maybe hit up some houses in the areas of the parks you think would make a good spot and see if the neighbors would have an issue too.

Keep in mind that most city owned trails have to be under a certain height (usually 4 feet) and have to be usable by all skill levels, so you need small stuff for little kids, medium stuff for newer riders, and bigger stuff for "experts". Draw up (nicely) a possible setup plan, with an estimate of how much space you need.

If you come prepared with a plan of how it is paid for, possible spots, and a plan of how to get it done (the cheaper the easier) then you are more likely to get it. I suggest doing as much of what I wrote as possible, to show them you are serious.


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