how to fix noisy brakehout buying new pads

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3/31/2011 3:24 PM

i have a tip on how to fix ur noisy brakes. first take off your pads then (i know this sounds bad but trust me) put the pad on the ground and start rubbing the pad on the ground until your metal looking lines are almost gone then put them on and test them if they make noise just keep trying. (note this is only a temporary fix


3/31/2011 4:52 PM

toe them inwards more than you normally do like 5mm even tho you really only need 3 but it helps with brake contact and makes them silent i have done with with odyssey atread in clear and slim by 4 on my chrome rim


Cool story man!
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3/31/2011 4:55 PM

if you toe them in they wont squeak at all, its just knowing how to setup brakes.

i dont recomend rubing your pads on the ground at all, because that could end up getting a rocked logged in them and putting deep scratches in your rim.