how to make your bike faster

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7/31/2008 9:21 AM

just wanted to get your attention in the title, but i wanna know if you go from a 35 t sprocket to a 25 t sprocket if it interferes with your speed. or how many times you can turn your cranks without having to coast. because i live up from my town and when we ride down to our schools and stuff we have to ride back up. ha



7/31/2008 9:34 AM

dude my one friend broke his rear sprocket and his bro had a 16t hazard so he laced it up to his hazard rim...and he has a 25t odyssey mds and it is like sooooo easy to pedal


If there isnt a scratch on your bike your not really ridin

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7/31/2008 11:39 AM

if you have a 25 9 its the same as like a 36 13 or whatever...cause some smart dude did the formula and its the same pedal ratio


7/31/2008 11:56 AM

yes it interferes with ur speed, if u go from 35t to a 25t without changing ur hub, the 25t will be much easier to pedal, and itll be easier to go up hills, but u cant go as fast as a 35t


7/31/2008 11:58 AM

Drill rims, less roational weight