how to manual 180 and how to barspin down stairs

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11/30/2008 8:41 PM

everytime i try and 180 outa my manuals i stay sideways a lil and end up falling on my side when i try and barspin down stairs my front end seems to turn sideways and cant catch it right


11/30/2008 9:09 PM

u turn toward the end of ur maual and kinda kick ur back end out in front


catch ya slipin at a light "GET OUT YO SHIT"

12/1/2008 7:03 AM

yeah barspins down stairs are different. I can only do them down 4 stairs but whatever. It helped me to hop and keep my front end up higher than usual. then just throw the bars and you'll level out. its pretty easy.


12/1/2008 7:04 AM

^ as long as you can bunnyhop bar---definitely learn those first